Take a glimpse into the history of Ocean Orchids- a history of which we are very proud. Take a trip back in time to see how everything started for Tomaž & Roman in the farmlands of Dobrovnik, Slovenia.

August 5th 2003

Establishment of Ocean Orchids d.o.o

The main founders of the company were Roman Ferenčak and Thomas Jevšnik. Their idea was to combine their knowledge of orchids growing and the potential benefits of the Mura lowlands. Together their idea grew into a promising economic model. Part of their vision was the idea of a tropical garden, which will serve as a showroom of new varieties and trends, as well as act as a retail store for orchid from their own production line.


Construction of geothermal wells

At the selected locations in the farming-business zone of Dobrovnik, Ocean Orchids began the construction of geothermal wells to help heat the greenhouses and provide a great energy efficient production plant.


Phase 1 Construction: building a 1.4 ha greenhouse

After the successful completion of the drilling of geothermal wells, Ocean Orchids started the construction of a 1.4 ha large greenhouse for the cultivation of tropical orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis.

End of 2005

Planting the first orchid seedlings

From the very beginning of production, we have received great interest of people to see the greenhouse, which we have accepted with great enthusiasm. The number of visitors who want to see the production of orchids close up became even greater when we planted the first seedlings.

November 2006

First sale of Ocean Orchids

Started selling the first Phalaenopsis orchids grown in the Ocean Orchids greenhouse.

2007 - 2012

Building of Tropical Gardens

Due to great interest of visitors to visit the production of Ocean Orchids, the company's management decided to build a 700 m² large tropical garden in 2007. The garden has become a tourist attraction and also a retail store for Ocean Orchids. In 2012, in parallel to phase 2 construction, Ocean Orchids also doubled the tropical garden to 1,500 m2. Visitors can now tour more than 400 different plant species and varieties.

2008 - 2012

Phase 2 Construction: 1.6 ha construction

In 2008-2009 increase production capacity to 30,000m2. In 2012 we started to expand the greenhouse production work with the installation of new technology "Ultra clima". Phalaenopsis production capacity increases to 2,000,000 orchids annually.