Ocean Orchids is a ten-year-old company with forty employees in the extreme northeast of Slovenia, which is engaged in the cultivation of 2 million orchids yearly. We generate about 64 percent of the turnover with exports and hope to grow domestically and internationally even more in 2015.

Roman Ferenčak

Co-Founder & Director of Ocean Orchids

Roman grew up in the Prekmurje region of Slovenia. His family has been in the plant farming business for over 2 decades. He studied agriculture both in high school and later at university. These studies gave him the necessary breadth and in particular aroused the desire to develop his region of Slovenia. During his studies he met Thomas Jevšnik, with whom he established Ocean Orchids. A very important milestone of their shared journey was cooperating with both Kubo b.v. and Anthura b.v -- 2 very successful Dutch orchids producers. Since 2005 Ocean Orchids has gone through a cycle of recapitalisation and is now well on its way to producing the best and most beautiful orchids across Europe. About himself, Roman says that his professional journey has been full of sacrifices, work, kilometers traveled, meetings with interesting people, stress ... but mostly interesting, entertaining, instructive and that without Orchids he cannot imagine his life.

Tomaž Jevšnik

Co-Founder & Director of Ocean Orchids

Tomaž fell in love with orchids accidentally -- he intended to give one to his sister as a present but could not part with it. He was impressed not only with the beauty of the flowers but also with their statistics. Tomaž reminds his team that "Orchids are the largest family in the world with 27 thousand species. As many as 75 percent of orchids grow on trees, and most people think that they are parasitic plants, but in reality they are not." Tomaž formalized his passion in his university thesis in which he described how he raised an orchid from a seed -- the first to do this in Slovenia. During his studies, Tomaž became president of the Society of Orchid Lovers, which now has over fifty members, and began to nurture the grandiose idea: the cultivation of orchids in Prekmurje. At the beginning the idea was something about which he spoke at the bar with friends, but now it's a cornerstone of production in Dobrovnik. Tomaž exclusively focuses on the cultivation of the 2 million orchids that go through the greenhouse. Tomaž is originally from Velenje, studied in Ljubljana, and now spends most of his time in the beautiful Ocean Orchids greenhouses in Prekmurje.


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